Fees: $50 per visit inclusive of all services.

Services include evaluation, spinal and extremity adjustment (if needed), Active Release Technique (ART) with stretching, guided functional exercise, therapeutic ultrasound, electric muscle stimulation, galvanic muscle stimulation, Russian stimulation, combination ultrasound with Russian stimulation, ConnectTX soft tissue mobilization (tool based soft tissue treatment), Kinesio Tape application and exercise and/or race training programs and coaching. 

Insurance: No insurance accepted.

After owning a high-volume insurance-based practice for 15 years, I have seen the negativity and stress that insurance companies cause many patients.  With insurance, the average co-pay is $40. Additionally, not all insurance plans cover necessary procedure codes, leaving the patient responsible for the cost of these services.  To reduce expenses and stress for all patients, Intrinsic Chiropractic does not accept insurance. The $50 per visit fee will cover all services.

If a patient would like to file for reimbursement from their insurance provider for out-of-network-benefits, Intrinsic Chiropractic can provide the patient with detailed treatment notes which include all diagnosis and treatment codes.  Intrinsic Chiropractic will not call any insurance company on behalf of a patient.  Thank you in advance for your understanding.