During the first chiropractic appointment at Intrinsic Chiropractic a thorough examination is performed to determine the severity of the injury.  Because the treatment at Intrinsic Chiropractic includes muscles, joints and nerves each system is evaluated separately and together.  During the muscular examination muscles are tested for function and strength.  Typically, the inner support muscles (Intrinsic Muscles) have lost their ability to function and therefore become weakened while the larger movement muscles have become overly tight (spasms).  General orthopedic testing will determine if the joints have become dysfunctional and/or arthritic.  Neurological testing will determine the extent of nerve involvement.  The chiropractic examination (palpation) of the joints determines the ability of the joints to move independently of each other.  When the joints are experiencing increased and abnormal tension they tend to lock together creating reduced motion and pain.
Once all the testing is completed then a comprehensive treatment plan is formulated to address the deficits detected.